Carpentaria Resource Hawson’s awarded “Major Project Status” 24 Apr 2018
Carpentaria Resource Hawson’s project has been awarded “Major Project Status” by the Australian Government’s Department of Jobs and Innovation.
The department will commit staff to assist in the project’s development to support the Broken Hill Region in terms of jobs and development
The company expects the designation will provide a faster approvals process and reduced perceived permitting risk by potential investors.
“Major Project Status” is for a three year term to 18 December 2020 by which time significant project milestones are expected to be achieved.
New Millenium Sells Port Capacity To Tacora For Wabush Mine Restart 24 Apr 2018
New Millennium Iron Corp. has entered into binding agreements with the Sept-Îles Port Authority and Tacora Resources Inc. under which a portion of the Company’s multiuser wharf capacity will be sold to Tacora in conjunction with Tacora’s planned re-start of the Scully Mine located near the town of Wabush, Newfoundland and Labrador. Tacora can purchase the rights to 6.5 million tonnes of the 15 million tonnes of annual wharf capacity reserved by NML in a July 2012 contract with the Port, along with the associated rights and obligations, shipping rates and other terms in the July 2012 contract. Total consideration is $4 million payable to NML on the closing date and further payments to NML of $0.10 per tonne shipped by Tacora through the Port facilities over a 20-year period following the close of the transaction. The transaction is subject to Tacora completing its project financing.