Tools & Models

AME’s Cost Modeller and Cost Database is a powerful tool that allows you to manipulate our project data and create custom cost curves on the fly. Simply select the industry you would like to model and your cost curve requirements. This tool also allows you to undertake cost scenario analysis and export your work to MS Excel.

Full control of the cost curve is available, as well as:

  • Selection of historical and forecast years for cost analysis and trends;
  • Ability to select specific cost curves, including cash costs, total production costs, margin curves, FOB cash costs and CFR costs;
  • Industry-specific technical parameters, including iron ore costs on DMTU basis, thermal costs on energy-adjusted basis, and options for managing by-product credits for base metal operations;
  • Advanced options for manipulating specific underlying cost assumptions, including FX rates, opex and capital costs, and metal prices.
  • Aggregation of project level costs to compare company and country averages; and
  • Full access to export underlying cost data.

The cost curves include:

  • Quarterly cost report and cost database covering operational data over a 20-year time span, representing more than 95% of global output for each commodity;
  • Costs and production at the site, company and country levels;
  • The report includes FOB, CIF China, CIF Japan, CIF Europe cost tables and curves for bulk commodities;
  • Full costing for greenfield and brownfield expansions;
  • A mine-by-mine breakdown of the properties for each operation and their respective cost components; and
  • Cost scenarios can be prepared by year, by cash or total production cost, by operation type in all countries around the world and turned into a table or cost curve by site, country or company using AME data or your own individual assumptions. This is particularly useful if a new mine or future project needs to be placed on a global cost curve.

Cost curves available:

  • Oil Fields
  • Gas Fields
  • LNG Plants
  • Export Thermal Coal Mines
  • Export Metallurgical Coal Mines
  • Iron Ore Mines
  • Iron Ore Pellet Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • DRI/HBI Plants
  • Copper Mines
  • Copper Smelters & Refineries
  • Lead Mines
  • Nickel Mines
  • Nickel Smelters & Refineries
  • Zinc Mines
  • Aluminium Smelters
  • Alumina Refineries
  • Gold Mines
  • Silver Mines