Industry Demand

AME’s Demand Modeller presents our transparent base case commodity demand forecasts, while being manipulable, allowing you to create and compare unique scenarios by influencing key economic inputs on a country-by-country basis. With a complete data set that includes 15 years of historical estimates, plus 15 years of modelled projections, this service covers demand for base metals, aluminium and steel in 45 countries. The service covers both real and apparent demand.

This powerful tool allows you to investigate your own assumptions and observations and export everything in a single click.

Key features:

  • Global aggregate and country-level apparent/real demand estimates and forecasts for copper, lead, nickel, zinc, aluminium and steel;
  • Country-level electricity production estimates and forecasts;
  • Country-level forecasts for major end-use sectors—construction, transportation and consumer durable goods;
  • Includes 15 years of historical estimates and 15 years of modelled projections;
  • Transparent set of economic assumptions used in the model—GDP growth, GDP per capita, household formation, CPI, urbanisation rate, industrial production and population;
  • All economic assumptions can be manipulated with the inclusion of powerful scenario analysis function; and
  • Annual graphical comparison of commodity usage per capita for all countries.