Tenement Maps

Bulla Mapper is AME’s brand new, interactive mining tenement and lease mapping tool. Integrated with AME’s Direct project database, Bulla provides detailed tenement information for sites, including tenement ownership and the ability to see neighbouring fields, mines and development opportunities.

Key features:

  • Site-level tenement ownership information;
  • Key tenement date information including grant and renewal dates as well as title area;
  • Relevant mining or exploration tenement/lease information tied to AME’s project profiles;
  • Ability to see and examine adjoining and nearby mines, leases and tenements;
  • Detailed site infographics that allow you to assess and compare competitors based on project, company and country.


  • Rapidly identify nearby opportunities and exploration targets;
  • Benchmark lease information between projects;
  • Better appreciate the title information pertaining to projects;
  • See potential expansion opportunities.