• Auditable and straightforward methodology—underlying calculations are clearly laid out and manipulable;
  • Simple evaluation of individual assets, classes of assets or entire portfolios;
  • Tools to show changes in capex, opex, royalties, taxes, production and prices;
  • Graphics, tables and charts to clearly present your work;
  • Manipulable technical assumptions—exchange rates, metals prices, production, yield, grade and cost escalation; and
  • Access to AME’s Direct research platform, analysts and asset databases.
  • Rapidly assess and compare investment opportunities;
  • Benchmark performance, capacity and productivity across a wide range of projects;
  • Produce asset and company valuations based upon a wide scope of technical inputs to produce highly tailored models;
  • Appreciate project sensitivities through inbuilt scenario analysis tools to negotiate improved terms associated with the asset; and
  • Model strategic and competitor analysis.