Unlock the real value of your asset

Produce asset and mine valuation models, based upon a
wide range of technical inputs.

You can create your own unique scenario and compare it to
the AME default NPV, which is calculated over the life of the
asset, based upon reasonable conversion of reserves and resources into future cash flow.

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Create your own scenarios
  • Unique scenarios

    Changes can be made to:
    • Exchange rates
    • Tax rates
    • Consumable costs
    • Product prices
    • Production
    • Capital expenditure
    • WACC (weighted average cost of capital) profile
    • and more...
  • Edit our costs

    You can edit our onsite and offsite product costs.
    Onsite costs include power, fuel, labour, administration and support, maintenance, and others.
    Offsite costs include treatment charges (TC), refining charges (RC), feedstock, royalties, transport, fees and charges.
  • See the results

    After you have inputted your changes, you can verify the new project cashflows and values.
    This includes revenue, operational expenditure (opex), capital expenditure (capex), and NPV.
Clear and easy to use
  • Fast and simple

    Sniper has a clear design allowing for enhanced user functionality. Scenario analysis can be undertaken in a couple of clicks.
  • Quality data

    Sniper has enhanced data quality as back-end processes are streamlined, with financial data auto-refreshed.
  • Access

    Sniper is accessed via AME’s web-based Direct platform and then can be fully edited online or in XLS.
What Industries do we cover?
  • Oil & Energy

    • Oil Fields
    • Gas Fields
    • LNG Plants
    • Regasification
    • Pipelines
    • Shale
    • CSG
    • Oil Refineries
  • Battery Metals

    • Copper Mines
    • Copper Smelters &
    • Cobalt Mines
    • Lithium Mines &
    • Lithium Refinery
    • Nickel Mines
    • Nickel Smelters &
    • Lead Mines
  • Bulk & Steel

    • Metallurgical Coal Mines
    • Thermal Coal Mines
    • Iron Ore Mines
    • Iron Ore Pellet Plants
    • DRI/HBI Plants
    • Steel Plants
  • Base & Light Metals

    • Zinc Mines
    • Aluminium Smelters
    • Alumina Refineries
    • Bauxite Mines
  • Precious Metals

    • Gold Mines
    • Silver Mines
AME is a bridge between the complexity of on-site
engineering and commercial reality. We offer real,
actionable insights with our engineering models,
valuations, and market analysis.
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