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Explore detailed analysis of historical data, plus up to 15-year site-focused forecasts. Using our site-by-site analysis, we provide a comprehensive commentary on the operational changes within the industry and the ramifications for costs and returns.

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Report Contents
  • Operational data

    • Operational data over a 30-year time span, representing more than 95% of global output for each commodity.
  • Costs & Production

    • Costs, margins and production at the site, company and country levels.
  • Transportation

    • FOB, CIF China, CIF Japan and CIF Europe cost tables and curves.
  • Investment

    • Full costing for Greenfield and Brownfield expansions.
Cost Models (Included)
  • Cost Modeller

    • Create custom cost, margin and incentive curves in a couple of clicks.
  • Site Reviews

    • Discover the risks and returns of any project through our unique assessments.
  • Company Profiles

    • Evaluate a company's value and position.
  • Tenement Mapper

    • Visualise and understand the reserves, resources and future potential of any site.
  • Industry Analysis

    • Compare and evaluate assets across an industry.
  • Ports & Transport

    • Grasp the big picture of worldwide ports and examine individual ports in focus.
  • Equipment

    • Discover the function, benefits, efficiency, energy and competition for equipment.
  • Site Valuation Tool

    • Produce asset and company valuations based upon a wide range of inputs.
  • Global Ratings and Carbon Emissions (GRACE)

    • Long-term scenario analysis on the future of the energy economy.
  • Supply & Demand Modeller

    • Every separate industry balance can be changed by adjusting global GDP and IP, demand, supply and inventory.
AME Updates (Included)
  • Daily Briefing

    • The latest intelligence on investments, innovation, consumption and production.
  • Price Updates

    • Provides the daily price for a range of commodities, coupled with the latest breaking developments.
  • Daily Lift

    • Aggregate news email with the latest company press releases.
  • Features

    • The latest analysis on the topical issues shaping your industry.
  • Focus

    • Insightful projections on markets and prices.
  • Economic Overview

    • Examines the factors shaping the global economy and driving the resources world.
  • Oil & Energy

    • Oil
    • Oil Refineries
    • Gas
    • LNG
    • Shale
    • CSG
  • Battery Metals

    • Copper Mines
    • Copper Smelters & Refiners
    • Lithium
    • Lead Mines
    • Nickel Mines
    • Nickel Smelters & Refineries
  • Bulks & Steel

    • Metallurgical Coal Mines
    • Thermal Coal Mines
    • Iron Ore Mines
    • Iron Ore Pellet Plants
    • Steel Plants
    • DRI/HBI Plants
  • Base & Light Metals

    • Aluminium Smelter
    • Alumina Refinerie
    • Zinc Mines
  • Precious Metals

    • Gold Mines
    • Silver Mines
AME is a bridge between the complexity of on-site
engineering and commercial reality. We offer real,
actionable insights with our engineering models,
valuations, and market analysis.
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