Detailed Engineering
Engineering Value Optimisation EVO Models provide detailed engineering and financial assessment, with regards to equipment sizes, design and processing requirements. EVO utilises innovative data sets such as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging – elevation data from satellite scans which are updated regularly) and DTM (Dynamic Tag Management) data.
Calculate and forecast
These data sets allow you to model the specification of equipment to accurately calculate and forecast energy and material consumption rates across field equipment. You can also accurately forecast maintenance costs over the life of a project.
Get the Facts
EVO allows you to gain knowledge of onsite costs, from consumable expenditure including everything from diesel to lubricants. In addition, it provides site and industry information for equipment suppliers in preparing tendering contracts to oil and gas projects.
Dynamically determine
EVO’s Engineering models allow you to dynamically determine susceptibility of projects to weather conditions, and changes in consumable prices, such as diesel.
Compare efficiency
EVO’s accurate models allow you to compare the efficiency of differing projects to assist investment.
Extensive database
A database in excess of 400 different types of lifting and processes equipment, including local and international manufactures across operations.
Individual Cost Breakdown
EVO illustrates the true individual cost breakdown of OPEX costs on the Lifting, processing and transportation. These are built from actual processing flowsheets from upstream/midstream and downstream sites.